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Our staff have achieved the following minimum operating standard qualification (in line with AfPE guidelines);

  • Are Qualified Teachers or recognised NGB Coaches

  • Have at least one NGB Level 2 qualification (minimum)

  • Are fully insured

  • Are experienced working with children

  • Have a Sportcoach UK Safeguarding & Child Protection qualification

  • Have a First Aid qualification

  • Provide all planning and resources

  • Can support Teachers with Assessment in PE lessons

  • Are quality assured

  • Attend regular training with the LSSP team

Team Teaching Programme

The Team Teaching programme will enable teachers to increase their confidence, knowledge and skills to teach PE and sport. This approach enables PE Subject Leaders and Headteachers an opportunity to upskill teaching staff over a period of time ensuring that they feel confident and skilled to deliver future high quality PE lessons.

By working with one of the LSSP Specialists, a programme of support will be delivered to meet the needs of identified teachers to improve not just their confidence but also their technical knowledge about different activities. The LSSP Specialists will provide a unit of work every six weeks, progressive lesson plans as well as supporting teachers assessing pupils in PE.

With the Teacher and the LSSP Specialist present in PE lessons, the Team Teaching programme also allows children more individual attention and the opportunity to work in smaller groups or have one-on-one instruction which sometimes for children with an additional need is essential.

In addition to team teaching with identified teachers, the LSSP Specialist will also deliver breakfast, lunchtime or after school club(s) in a chosen activity which will give you additional opportunities for pupils to be more active (dependent on the package/ timings).

Physical Education and Sport PPA programme

The LSSP has been offering support to help schools cover teacher’s planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA) for over 10 years, with schools taking advantage of our expertise and reliability. This enables staff the peace of mind of being able to take their PPA time, safe in the knowledge that their pupils are receiving outstanding PE & Sport lessons. The LSSP PPA provided is designed not to displace teachers from teaching PE but to provide additionality with more PE lessons delivered by specialist, qualified staff.

Physical Education is one of the most important subjects as it teaches children how to be physically literate with the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthy, physical activity. These skills are necessary for a child to participate in a variety of physical activities and sport but we also need to acknowledge for some children, PE lessons are also the only time during the week that they will do physical exercise.

The LSSP Specialist team are all knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about children’s learning and have the ability to offer a range of activities bespoke to your school’s needs, ensuring that the National Curriculum requirements are met. We also understand how to get children excited about a sport or activity and advise them on how they can take it up outside of school.

Whether you are looking for a morning(s), afternoon(s) or full day(s) or to fit into an existing carousel of system with other specialist subjects (IT, Music, Languages) as a specialist PE, School Sport and Physical Activity provider we are able to meet your needs in Games, Gymnastics or Dance.

If Schools are using LSSP PE Specialists for PPA cover, schools can use their PE & Sport Premium for the extra-curricular delivery. Please see the table below which highlights cost shared across both budgets.

Standard Membership

Specialists Costs

Specialists Costs - Standard Membership

1 half day (3 hrs) PE Specialist per Week


2 hours curriculum –  1 hour extra-curricular

PPA budget £1,890
PE & Sport Premium £991

1 full day PE Specialist per week


5 hours curriculum – 1.5/2 hours extra- curricular

PPA budget £3,687
PE & Sport Premium £1,475

Enhanced Membership

PE Specialist Costs

PE Specialist Costs - Enhanced Membership

1 half day (3 hrs) PE Specialist per Week


2 hours curriculum – 1 hour extra- curricular

PPA budget £1,880
PE & Sport Premium £941

1 full day PE Specialist per week


5 hours curriculum – 1.5/2 hours extra- curricular

PPA budget £3,505
PE & Sport Premium £1,400