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Festivals (Basic/Standard/Enhanced)

Designed as an introduction to sport, physical activity and healthy active lifestyles, these fun events are targeted at specific groups across KS1 and KS2, with some festivals having a focus on inactive pupils.

Meeting the 30 minute physical activity requirement (Basic/Standard/Enhanced)

Support for schools to develop an action plan to meet the government’s requirement that all primary school children undertake at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day in school.

Personal challenge (Basic/Standard/Enhanced)

To inspire all pupils and staff to get moving, the LSSP will provide schools with physical activity & sport challenges in a broad range of activities, linking to themes and large sporting events.

Active 30:30 (YST) (Basic/Standard/Enhanced)

Made up of 10 sequential steps, the Active 30:30 resource helps practitioners to create an active school which supports the principles of learning already established. Included in the resource is a step-by-step practitioner resource, providing a robust evidence base with guidance and tips to maximise impact. It also includes sample resource cards, review templates, planning documents, certificates and a variety of free downloadable resources to support the delivery of daily physical activity within school.

The Power of Enrichment

This resource will be available online, the video content will aid schools to understand and advocate the benefits of enriching the school curriculum through sport, competition and physical activity and how they benefit wellbeing and achievement and impact on a schools ethos.

Skills to Play Resources (YST) (Basic/Standard/Enhanced)

TOP Skills2Play (KS1 extra-curricular PE) and TOP Skills2Play Sport (KS2 extra- curricular PE) resource cards provide teachers, adults other than teachers, and young leaders with a variety of exercises that can be used to develop not only children’s physical skills, but also proactively develop their thinking, health, creative and social skills during lunchtime and extra-curricular activities.

Physical Activity Leaders (PALs) (Enhanced)

All of the skills are developed through a range of progressive activities delivered in a fun and exciting way, by our experienced LSSP staff. Students will learn how to plan, lead and review activity sessions and reflect on their organisation and communication skills. They will develop responsibility self- motivation and management, collaborative skills, empathy, innovation and integrity. All pupils will receive a workbook, bank of resource cards and a certificate on completion of their volunteering hours (in school). LSSP will also provide support for staff to implement the programme.

Key Stage 1 – Year 2 pupils – 10 in the group – 2 x 40 minutes
Key Stage 2 – Year 5 & 6 pupils – 16 in the group – 2 x 1.5 hours

Lunchtime Supervisors Physical Activity Training Enhanced

School based training 1 x 1.5 hours for LSAs to encourage more physical activity at play and lunchtimes. LSSP will work with your staff to develop basic sports, physical activity and management skills. Schools will receive a resource which includes new games and ideas. To have maximum impact, we believe this course should be run in conjunction with the PALs training (please see above).

Crew Rocks Conference Enhanced

Empower you pupils to develop their basic sport management skills to help lead on sport and physical activity in your school. This will be a half day centralised conference where pupils will have the opportunity to take part in a carousel of workshops. LSSP will provide all participants with a work book and certificate of attendance. A leadership conference for four year 5 / 6 pupils.

Balanceability Training (Enhanced)

Balanceability training sessions provide an accredited Foundation Stage ‘Learn to Cycle’ programme for Reception and Key Stage 1 children.

The programme is designed to help children gain confidence and skills required to ride a pedal bike independently. Balanceability comprises of structured lessons that help children develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness, dynamic and static balance, bilateral coordination along with the necessary skills to transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike in a safe, challenging but fun way.

Includes half days session over 6 weeks 9am-2pm (45 minutes for 10 children x 3 sessions).

POWER Programme Enhanced
Pulse raised; Out of breath; Warm face; Energised; Regular

Given that physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for premature death, it is vital that young people develop positive health behaviours as early as possible. The LSSP POWER programme will support the development of positive health behaviours in a fun and engaging way so that learning becomes embedded.

The POWER programme will target and engage with 45 of your most inactive KS2 pupils and is delivered over 6 weeks between 9am-12pm (50 mins x 15 children)

“The games we have learnt are fun and easy to play, if we have fun leading the games the children on the playground will have fun playing them.”

P.A.L’s student
Pinehurst Primary School