Yr 5/6 Development & Competition Volleyball Day

This is the official LSSP YR 5/6 Development & Competition Volleyball Day invite.

This is a one off event without any progression. The winning team will receive medals and a trophy.

Event information: the following information must be adhered to by all teams attending the event. Teams risk becoming participation only at any point before, during or after the event if rules and regulations are not followed correctly.

Squad Size: 4

Team Size: 4

Gender: Mixed ( 2 Boys & 2 Girls)

Restrictions – All participants must be within the specific event age range. For some events participants are able to ‘play up’, playing for an above age range. Please check this with the event organiser to ensure acceptability. Under no circumstances can a participant of age play for a younger age range. There are no further restrictions for this event.

Equipment Needed: PPE Including PE/Sports Kit & Event Appropriate Footwear,  Trainers, Pumps/Equipment, Refreshments, Snacks, Drinks/First Aid- it is the schools responsibility to provide their own first aid via a qualified first aider and a first aid kit.

Children will be required to bring lunch.

Venue/Pitch Facility: Sports Hall

Parents/Spectators: No.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the event start time- 9.45am. Lateness to this event may incur loss of points, missed fixtures, or refusal to take part.

Please click ‘Register’ to sign your team(s) up to this event.

Please see specific event rules and risk assessments

Photographs will be taken at the event and used on our LSSP website and social media pages. Please download and complete per child our photography consent form photography-and-filming-consent-form and return to ourselves on the day of the competition. If we do not receive consent forms for each child we will not be able to photograph staff or children during the event. Please make LSSP event staff aware of any participant/staff member that cannot be photographed.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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Hourly Schedule

10 - 11.45
Development & Coaching
11.45 - 12.15
12.15 - 2
Sold out!


Jan 09 2019


10:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Holly Lodge


Holly Lodge

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