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To ensure pupils of all abilities have the opportunity to participate in competitive school sport, we plan, organise and deliver multiple heats across a wide range of competitions. Last year we delivered 46 different sports competitions and events including heats and finals which culminated in a total of 150 competitive festival sports.

Small School Heats (in selected sports)

This year in response to school feedback LSSP will be piloting small school heats in selected competitions (sports hall athletics, basketball, dodgeball, KSI matt ball). The winners will progress to the city final, where they will compete against winners from schools of all sizes.

City Finals

All LSSP competitions follow a progressive pathway, from the numerous heats through to a city final where the city champion is determined. In addition certain sports will also provide the opportunity to progress to a Merseyside regional final.

Festivals/SEND/Inclusive events

At LSSP we recognise that some pupils prefer to represent their school by participating in a non-competitive setting. We are passionate about creating opportunities for pupils to experience high quality festivals and events that enable them to develop their confidence and unlock their potential to participate.

KS 1 Competitions, Festival and Events

It is proven that the earlier an individual experiences positive physical activity and sporting opportunities, the more likely they are to be habitually physically active throughout their life. Each term LSSP provide opportunities for KS1 pupils to experience the enjoyment of taking part and start to build confidence and resilience from an early age.

Development Days

These days aim to introduce both the staff and pupils to the rules, skills and tactics of different sports. The competition element of the day is age appropriate and supports the development of the young people to be ‘competition ready’.

Competition League

LSSP will administer an online primary school competition league that rewards points to schools for; attendance, fair play, engaging in personal challenge and competition success.

“This has been a most fantastic competition. The standard of dancing has been of the highest order and we are thrilled to have supported LSSP to host 21 primary schools from across the city.”

Dance Teacher, NLA